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You may have used this product – it comes from the USA and was formally know as Equaide in Australia but due to government rules over here its name had to be changed but the product is the same, just packaged differently.

Proud-Aid is a distinctive formulation to aid in the prevention and treatment of Proud-flesh

Proud-Aid helps promote healing in the treatment of cuts, wounds and abrasions. It also aids in the treatment of scratches, wire cuts, mud fever, skin irritations and other skin disorders in horses.

Proud-Aid is a smooth textured paste that is easy to apply and is non irritant to the horse.

It helps protect from gross contamination and invasive dirt from entering the wound. Proud-Aid dries rapidly, stays in place and is safe to use on horses for extended periods of time

This is great stuff I use on my own horses and one has had a horrific injury & it is amazing the difference it made

Comes in a 100gram jar – with usage instructions – can be used under a bandaged or on an open wound depending on the injury & where it is.

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